Health is not just the absence of disease but also mental, physical and psychological well-being. What sounds like a sterile definition is this point: we need more than physical health to be happy. Our modern world confronts us daily with so many challenges. It is about functioning and you have to be successful and resilient.  And yet we all remain human, with a delicate interior and the need for rest, relaxation and love. Too rarely do we allow ourselves an excursion from everyday life for deep and important recreation.
I originally came from the medical field and quickly realized how important these breaks for recovery are. And how much these things seem to have been lost in our world. I have made it my task to offer others a time out for total relaxation. I want to help you make your everyday life easier and give you the warmth that our world so often misses. Let yourself be hugged, let yourself be open, and learn how deeply recovered you will feel afterwards. A massage with us is more than a massage, it is a “come home” time with great and empathetic people, a total dedication to make every moment special.


It is important for me to always deal honestly with my guests, to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible and to guarantee smooth service. In addition to responding quickly to your requests, we try to avoid waiting times. Should a small delay happen, we ask you for your understanding. Furthermore, I would like to point out that we would like to avoid random meetings of the guests during their stay for reasons of discretion.
As mentioned above, massages are something very individual and personal. Therefore, I find it difficult to describe the massages exactly and to present an exact sequence. You will never get the same exact massage with us. Each colleague interprets the massages somewhat differently and lets herself slide into the massage. We feel how your body reacts and feel what is good for you. And that is what you should get with us: everything that is good for you, which relaxes you and takes you from the normal world. It is about tenderness, warmth and love. And love has no course. It is intuitive, it is comprehensive and it is simply the most beautiful gift in our world.
A point about my concept which is important to me: we are a small studio where I carefully select the ladies around me. I want you to feel like you are with friends. We are very close to each other in my studio, spend a lot of time together and love what we do. Every new colleague has to fit in with us and also bring the warmth and love that this job needs. It is not important for me to every day “crowd” the guests through my massage rooms. But I want everyone (women and men) to feel at ease with me, to come back and feel that they are taken seriously as a person. You come to us as a friend, not as a number.
Another point that I want to mention is the respectful and stylish interaction with each other. You can always (!) expect a friendly, polite tone and a friendly approach. We are ladies with style and wish the gentlemen who come visit us to appreciate it. I have consciously decided against a “run” of guests and attach great importance to manners, loyalty and feeling comfortable with us. I wish that my ladies would be treated accordingly and the guests are “gentleman-like”.
Hygiene is personally very dear to me and I would like to not leave it unmentioned. A responsible approach to your health and ours is a central point for me. Our premises are always clean and tidy and we also welcome you freshly showered and well-kept. We also expect from the gentlemen who visit us a well-groomed exterior and body hygiene. The two of us will get very close during the massage and both of us will feel much more comfortable with a fresh partner.