One thing that was particularly important to me when setting up my rooms: the feel-good factor. I wanted to create a place where you immediately feel safe and calm. I think I am justified with this high demand and will refresh this every day. Small details create a home-like atmosphere.  Stylish and high-quality interior finishing completes the picture. The photos give you a first impression of the rooms, but as with the massages, you must experience it. Words and images are not enough to adequately describe Aetas Signum. Of course, we have modern sanitary facilities, high-quality facilities and the highest standard of equipment. But the peace that you receive here from the first minute cannot be described. The house is conveniently reached by car, has parking nearby and is also easily accessible by public transportation. The house is also absolutely discreet and anonymous.
My motto: an apartment is not a home because you put beautiful furniture in it, but because you fill it with life and love!

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