We are glorious women who have devoted ourselves to the art and practice of erotic massage. We ourselves love to be caressed and loved, so we know how to touch you in a very special way. Experience something delicate, an unforgettable climax of fulfillment and excitement. Gentle but full of sensual strength. Gifted and full of lustful charisma.

I have brought together a team of stunning women who love to love you individually or with your partner. Each of us with a unique personality, we all still have something in common: we are masseuses trained in Switzerland who dedicate our time to you for an unforgettable experience.

Our hearts beat as loud as yours…


Parallel to my academic career, I have been trained in various massage techniques (classical massage, Lomi-Lomi massage, Tantric massage) and now made my hobby to a job. It has long been my dream to create an oasis of peace where we can treat you well.

With me you can be yourself, you can be caressed and love. I spoil you powerful, sensual and passionate. Does not prepare the heat of a body for too much and is pure for little enjoyment. Let us cuddle and disappear together into another world.

As a positive and educated woman, I also know how to be a good conversational partner on every property and to have many advantages.



Julia is a young, sporty lady with a dreamlike body. She loves to seduce and massage with experience and a lot of passion. Her specialty is the seduction with skillful massage strokes from the Ayurvedic and the popular tantric massage. It manages to cast a spell over you and slowly and relish the intensity of the erotic tension in your body. Carefully and full of closeness, she accompanies you into a world of explosive relaxation. Also, she is a very pleasant person with whom you just like to spend time and whose skills go beyond massaging.


Liz is an apparition, a pleasant conversation partner and a unique massage artist. Her open and calm nature is contagious and you will be able to drop her in a special way. Over time, she has developed her own massage concepts and massaged with much dedication and heart.


Marie is a total love and very quiet woman. She is a woman you can newly discover again and again. She is very close and remains a bit mysterious and always exciting.For them, enjoyment is a way of life and she lives up to the idea of ​​wellness.Her massage is powerful, varied and she is simply a lady with which you can forget time and space.She is in her early 30s, has an incredibly beautiful, trained and feminine body and is 1.72m tall.


Kati is just special in every sense. She is very sensitive, tender and empathic. She is able to respond to you completely and intuitively feels what you need. Her massage is very tender, can be very powerful and makes you forget everything else.

Being with her is an experience from the very first minute and you’ll just feel comfortable, understood and accepted with her. Kati is a very good conversationalist and over time has developed her very own and personal way of massaging.

Kati is very natural and a woman with potential to get addicted from.


Lilly is a very nice and pleasant woman from Poland. She is a positive person and is a special sensual and gentle masseuse. Her great passion is the Tantra massage, which she has perfected with a lot of dedication and power of perception. Her treatments are very deep and her massage is gentle, intense and honest.

She is also a lady to which peace, mutual respect and harmony are very important. A lady to feel good all around.

Lilly is in her mid 20th and a very natural young woman.



Arianna is a warm and absolutely sensual woman. She massages with incredible feeling and gives herself completely to the massage. It intuitively feels what you need and what you wish for. A woman to simply enjoy with.

Also you can have fun with her and have great conversations. Just a wonderful woman to spend time with.

She has a great and beautiful body and she likes to dress herself in nice dessous.


Sandra is a sensitive, tender young woman who loves to pamper men. She has the special touch!

She does not want to simply massage you, she wants to take you on a pleasurable journey and make the time for you a special and unforgettable experience.

She massages very varied and is always good for a new experience. With her you will never experience the same massage, because Sandra is imaginative and intuitively feels whats good for you.

Sandra is a very open and cheerful lady you should definitely get to know.

Sandra is 24 years old, has a beautiful figure and a pretty face.


Amanda is a very funny, warm woman who knows how to handle her charms. Her charming and straightforward style will surely inspire you. You just like to spend time with this woman and you never get bored.

Like her, her massage is varied, multifaceted and unique. She knows how to combine absolute relaxation with the highest eroticism and creates a wonderful sense of closeness in her unique way.

Amanda is a woman who knows what she wants and who is an excellent conversationalist. With her you can laugh, argue and lose yourself.

Amanda is in her mid-30s and has a very sporty and beautiful body.


Viviane is a woman who fills the room with warmth and makes you feel good from the first moment on. Her open-minded nature and her great body will immediately captivate you. She understands like no other woman on the interplay between erotic moments full of tenderness and relaxing moments full of enjoyable serenity. Your joie de vivre and your temper will take you on an adventure full of loving strokes and skillful massage strokes to complete relaxation. Viviane is an absolute top masseuse with special expertise and especially with heart.