All our masseuses are well trained, gifted, tender and massage with full dedication and empathy.  A note in advance: the massages described below only represent a sample of the options.  Of course the different massages can be combined or adapted to your special wishes.

During the massage, we are nude or in attractive lingerie, just as you like. All our massages include, if you wish, a happy ending, a perfect erotic relaxation.
But words cannot describe what you will experience with us, so please call me. I will answer all your questions and help you choose the perfect massage for you.

Please note that all of the ladies have the freedom to interpret the massages in their own way. A massage is something very intimate and personal and therefore cannot be pressed into a rigid format. Just like you, the lady should also feel comfortable during the massage. I ask you for your understanding that the ladies are not to be touched in their intimate area and sexual services are not offered.


Body to Body Massage

The body to body massage is one of the most popular erotic massages. That is because the body to body massage is a very special combination of total relaxation and excitement.
Our masseuses awaken unexpected sensations and take you on a journey away from everyday life, stress and work to show you a very special form of relaxation. She is close to you during the massage. You feel the warmth of her body, her dedication and her breath, which may make your body tremble. The soothing, relaxing massage is combined with an exciting glide of the masseuse over your body and a sensual lingam massage as the conclusion. Unquestionably, a special experience!

Sensual Body to Body Massage

An explosive combination of sensuality and tenderness. This massage is about tender touch and is the perfect experience for connoisseurs.
The masseuse strokes your body without much pressure from her hands and sensitizes you to total relaxation. Pure goose bumps. In combination with the unique feeling of bare skin on bare skin, you will not quickly forget this massage. Let yourself be pampered and when you have forgotten everything around you, the massage culminates in a lingam massage and becomes a highly erotic highlight.

Mutual Massage

The desire for mutual touch inspired me for this massage. The massage is particularly intimate, as you have the opportunity to caress and pamper the body of the masseuse.
The mutual touch gives your time together a very special atmosphere. It is unique to touch and caress a beautiful woman. And in your special way, you will be able to spoil your masseuse and do something good for her. This massage is a very special and sensual experience for both of you. This particular erotic experience will completely fill you with relaxation and satisfaction.

Tantra Massage

The sensual tantric massage is almost more than a massage: it is an ancient Indian sense-ritual that brings body, mind and soul into harmony. The masseuse creates an incredible feeling of closeness and makes the whole massage sensual, physically close and very enjoyable.
Your skin is sensitized by the delicate touch of the masseuse. In addition to warm, fine oil, other individually matched elements such as soft cloths are used. The massage ranges from tender touches to powerful stroking. The massage involves every part of your body. This opens the room for trust and devotion. In the trusting atmosphere we have created, you will be able to give yourself completely and enjoy. Wow!

Nuru Relax

A heavenly experience for all senses! You will enjoy a soothing whole body massage with warm massage oil. Then follows an intense erotic relaxation with cool Nuru gel. The gel allows a special form of sliding over the body and it seems as if your skin could melt with that of the masseuse. A release of your spirit and a delight.

Candle Wax Massage

A sensual whole body massage with warm massage candle wax. The scent of fruits and vanilla and a gently flickering candlelight spread a romantic mood.
The fragrant wax melts to a well-tempered massage oil, which makes the masseuse dripping hot on your skin, rubbing you with her naked body. This massage enchants your senses, lets you forget everything and shows you (in the truest sense) the fire that burns in you and your partner.

Lingam Massage

In the lingam massage, the focus is on the penis. The penis and testicles are stroked, caressed and stimulated with the fingernails. This massage is absolutely relaxing and stimulating. The ups and downs of pleasure keeps you in an aroused condition for a long time. Through various practiced techniques and tenderness of the masseuse, this massage becomes an absolute insane experience! This massage is described as particularly breathtaking and brings you to ecstasy.

Four-hand Massage

The Four-hand massage is a special experience and everyone should experience it with two of our gorgeous women.
Four hands caress, massage and pamper you. Everywhere, at the same time, blissful. You will soon lose your sense of time and space and give yourself completely to touch. With the body to body massage, the strength and intensity is at least doubled. Goose bumps are assured!

Massage for Couples

To share a tender, loving experience with your partner can raise your relationship to a new level and especially promote mutual trust and intimacy.
With this massage, you are next to each other and can be very close, while you are spoiled by an experienced massage therapist. So you can completely switch off and let go, be pampered and be passive. Everyone can enjoy and relax in their own way, without having to exclude their partner in this experience. Also, the massage for couples can show you new ways to treat each other or to experience how beautiful touch can feel. All of this can in the future inspire your bedroom activities at home.


Prostata Massage

This massage meets with many who do not yet know about curiosity but often also on slight skepticism. The stimulation of the prostate can intensify the sensations strongly and many who tried it once want to experience it again and again. The prostate massage can be combined with the anal massage and is done always very sensitive. You should absolutely try it. This massage can be booked additionally to any erotic massage.

Bathing Ritual

The bathing ritual can be added to any massage and is highly recommended. Here you can take a bath or shower with your chosen one. Intertwining with soft sponges is the perfect match for a massage and you can approach each other in a very special way. The combination of nude bodies in warm water and scented shower sessions appeal to all senses and form the perfect start for a beguiling massage. In addition, the water and the touch of a properly performed bath warm the muscles and make the subsequent massage even more pleasant. My recommendation: absolutely worth a try!


If desired, the ladies will be happy to shave different parts of your body. The use of a high-quality shaving foam and fresh shavers is for us a given. You will notice that when you are shaved properly and perfectly trimmed, your body feels much more comfortable and clean. The ladies are very experienced and conscientious in the application.

In addition, the following massages are included in our offer and are, of course, exclusively performed by specially trained and certified staff:

Classic massage

The classic massage is mainly used for the relaxation of muscles, the release of tension and for total well-being. As a matter of fact, massages not only affect the body but also the mind and can even promote recovery better than sleep. Depending on the duration of the massage and your personal wishes and needs, the back, neck and also the whole body can be massaged. Both fixed and gentle techniques are used. This massage can of course be booked with and without hand relaxation.


Physiotherapeutic treatments loosen the muscles and solves blockages. Targeted handles and exercises have a deep, long-lasting and lasting effect. It provides a great and fast help with problems in the course of movement, with tensions and pain. Please ask before which of the ladies a physiotherapeutic training has enjoyed.

Lomi Lomi Massage

The Lomi Lomi massage goes back to an ancient Hawaiian massage art and was originally derived from dance movements, which is why this massage is executed very fluently and rhythmically. The stroking movements over your body are relaxing. It can also be very stimulating in every respect. According to the philosophy of the Hawaiians, this massage drives out bad energies from your body and initiates positive energies. You will feel like a new born!