What is the booking process?

At the beginning, of course, we need to get in contact. The easiest way to do this is by phone, but you can also send an e-mail or text. Please note that our ladies are mainly employed in other jobs. Therefore, an early reservation is also an advantage for organizational reasons. We are happy to help you choose the right lady for you. You can rely on absolute discretion of the house and the ladies during the booking and also afterwards. At the same time, we also ask you to behave discreetly for our ladies and protect their personal data.

How does an outcall massage work?

There is in the first place, of course, freedom of choice and we are happy to meet your personal requirements.
If we agree on an appointment, the lady appears on time at the meeting point. It is optional for you to start the meeting in a hotel bar to get to know each other. Also, a meeting directly in your hotel room or at your home is of course possible. If you decide to meet at our place, it is easy anyway. I recommend a short preliminary talk in any case. Open questions can be clarified and this opportunity can be used to voice your requests. If you have not already taken a shower, at the beginning there is time to do so (with arrangement, also together with the lady; see bathing) and the lady prepares everything for the massage. Now you just relax and enjoy. The lady takes you into a world of absolute relaxation.
After the massage you can still stay a little (that is great in the private atmosphere). It would be great if the lady was given the opportunity to get fresh.
We would like to point out that cash payment is always made before the service and is handed over directly to the lady.

What should I do when I meet the masseuse?

Basically, there is not much to consider. The lady is looking forward to meeting you, just like you are looking forward to meet the lady. Just be yourself, charming, polite and self-assured, because you can expect all that from the lady as well.

How should I prepare for the massage?

Basically, you do not need much more than time and the willingness to give yourself completely to relaxation. One point should be mentioned: we attach great importance to hygiene in the interest of our masseuses. Since the massage therapist will be very close to you during the massage, cleanliness is of great importance to both parties. You can count on the fact that my ladies are very well-groomed and we would be glad if you also prepare accordingly.

Am I undressed during the massage?

Yes, of course, you can enjoy the massage naked (of course, only if you feel comfortable with it – wearing a towel or bathing suit is of course allowed). On request, the massage therapist is not clothed during the massage or can put on something beautiful according to your wishes.

Does the massage result in sexual acts?

No! With our masseuses, sexual services are not possible. The ladies stimulate you (only) with the hand. Touches are not necessarily possible on both sides. Some ladies don’t mind to be touched gently, but touching in the intimate area is not allowed on principle. Important: a polite “No” is to be accepted! You can enjoy the massage quite differently and often more intensively if you remain passive and thus not distracted by the sensations of your own body.

Can couples book a massage?

Yes, this is also possible with us. I recommend booking two masseuses to enjoy the massage at the same time. Please ask beforehand which of the ladies offer couple massages.

Can I come to a climax in a massage several times?

This is quite possible in a longer massage. Please inform the lady about your wish before starting the massage so she can plan accordingly.

Is the studio discreet?

Absolutely! Discretion is very important to me and was considered from the very beginning. Even the location and the building are very anonymous and you can absolutely unobserved and discreetly come to us. I also attach great importance to the fact that the guests do not meet during the stay with us. In addition, I would like to point out that we do not store any personal data or lists of the guests. Your identity, your data and also your wishes will not be stored or noted with us.

Why are the faces of masseuses not shown on the website?

There is a simple reason: I want to protect the privacy of my ladies. The majority of the ladies also work in another profession and I keep all private data (of the masseuses and the guests) strictly confidential. I ask for your understanding and advise you to let yourself be surprised.

I have a disability. Can I also be massaged by you?

Definitely! Of course, we also welcome gentlemen with a handicap. Please let us know before the massage whether we should consider something specific, what you like and with what you feel comfortable.

I have erectile dysfunction. Is this a problem?

No problem. Our ladies are well trained and can also give you a great feeling and absolute relaxation without an erection. I would ask you to refrain from using potency-enhancing drugs such as Viagra, as these can often have unpredictable side effects.

Can I call the lady before meeting her?

No. I see it as my task to do the complete processing and organization for the ladies so I can plan perfectly and ensure a smooth process. Also, I ask for your understanding that the ladies do not provide their private phone numbers.

Do the pictures and descriptions of the ladies correspond to reality?

Absolutely! I know all the ladies well and describe them personally and deliberately on the website. The photos of the ladies are all made by my photographer in my presence and I attach importance to regular renewal. I also don’t want to Photoshop pictures and leave the ladies only with beautiful poses and the right light. Each one of the ladies is beautiful and unique in her own way.

When are traveling costs incurred?

I ask for your understanding that I charge a slightly higher price for outcall massages. Not only the date itself, but also the preparations are much more comprehensive than in my rooms. The lady shows up perfectly prepared and has all the necessary equipment with her. Also, all the oils, towels and other things are taken back after the massage and get cleaned by me.

What oils are used in the massage?

All our oils are skin friendly, hypo-allergenic, odorless and easy to wash off. Depending on your personal wishes and taste, the oil can be enriched with different scents. Of course, you can take a shower after the massage or leave the oil on your body to care for your skin. I would advise you, however, to remove the oil with a towel to avoid stains on the clothes. On request, we can also massage you with a delicate lotion or a light powder.
Please tell the lady about possible incompatibilities or allergies before the massage.